This is the boring, but nevertheless important stuff. It won't take long to read, so please do.

 Authorship & Ownership of all submitted images is retained by the submitting photographer / copyrights owner of the work.


The submitter simply grants Still Awards the non-exlusive right to exhibit their work/s on and it's social channels.

 Images may be removed from our site and channels anytime on request - Removal may take several days from receipt of same.


★ While the crew & judges at Still Awards love all things edgy, we reserve the right to reject any image or series of images that depicts or reflects

any individual in a bad light, or that we deem to be offensive, inappropriate, badly shot, overtly sexual or not in keeping with our category guidelines.

A minimum of two judges will review all submissions.

★ Submitted images must be in jpg, jpeg or png formats with no watermarks or signatures.


Basic editing such as cropping, sharpening, exposure, hue, saturation and removal of dirt specs etc. and the use of filters is permitted.

The removal or addition of significant image parts such as people or large objects is not permitted except in the Alltered images category.

 For faster viewing, especially on mobile devices, we may reduce the file size of large submitted images, 

however, we do not edit or manipulate your images.

The submitter must be at least 18 years of age and have the authority to submit - They must be the copyrights owner and author of the submitted image/s.

No postal, just digital entries accepted.   

Submissions are accepted on condition of payment of submission fee.

Submission waiver requests will not be entertained.


In the case of rejected images the submitter agrees to accept a refund less any third party cost.

 Submitters may also submit their work elsewhere simultaneously and are not bound to exclusively exhibit their submissions on

However, Still Awards may from time to time organise an offline exhibition - Should a public exhibition in a bricks and mortar gallery

be agreed between Still Awards and a submitter, we may request exclusivity in relation to location and duration of same.

All Still Awards judges are professional photographers, gallerists and/or curators and exhibit, curate and/or collect art internationally.

Submitters accept that the judges decisions and selection of winners in all categories is final.


No correspondence whatsoever can be entered into regarding the selection process unless initiated by Still Awards.

Any unrequested emails received or attempted contact re. same will receive no response.

Canvassing will disqualify.


Awards are not guaranteed. In the unlikely event of all submissions in any one category failing to meet required standards,

no award will be granted in that category. Likewise, if in the unlikely event that no submission reaches the required standard for the Overall Winner Award,

as determined by the judges, no award will be granted in the respective submitting year.

While we attempt to ensure that third party website and app. ads and promotional material for the Still Awards are kept up to date we cannot be held responsible for such platforms offering outdated information regarding our awards or terms and conditions.


 The display of your photo/s on is in return for your submission fee.

The submission fee does not guarantee an award for any submitter, including winners - beyond downloadable award certificates.


While Still Awards Management will endeavor to fulfill all commitments in relation to awards,

we cannot be held responsible for external issues or unforeseen circumstances on our part or that of any third party or natural / unatural event..

Still Awards books a gallery for the winning artist in good faith. Should the gallery close due to an economic downturn or any other issue or should it fail to meet it's obligations for any reason whatsoever, Still Awards will attempt to secure an alternative venue, but cannot be held responsible if this does not come to fruition.

There are no guarantees regarding the exhibition or public display of works or any aspect of the Still Awards.

Hosted on servers in America, Asia & Europe to provide optimum uptime levels, Still Awards should operate well on all devices,

however the site may be down from time to time due to circumstances beyond our control. Service is not quaranteed.

In the initial submission stages some third party Images which have not been submitted to our awards competition may be temporarily

used to flesh out our website for the purpose of context.

We use reputable third parties for submission uploads, storage and payment processing

and cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies relating to your submission.

By submitting your image/s you give permission to Still Awards to receive your registration data including, but not limited to, your name, address

and email address and that these may be stored for the purpose of administering the Still Awards.

You may request the removal of any information about you held by us at any time. Simply Get In Touch

This does not effect your statutory rights. 

Our terms and conditions may change - Please refer back to this page from time to time to review any changes and stay updated

Submitters agree to accept email communications from Still Awards, & Social Channels.

We will only contact you in relation to the awards, opportunities or arts events.

Your email is not shared with third parties.

Thank you for your time and your submissions.


By submitting you agree to the above terms & conditions

These terms and conditions may change overtime - Please refer to this page to stay updated.