Portrait Image of a woman.


Images do not have to be portrait in orientation but must contain at least one person. A portrait can be a headshot, part or full body shot or nude/s See Terms 

May also be an observational take on one or more people in any environment.

Nature Image of a mountain.


Images may be land or seascapes, flowers, trees, rivers etc. and may include animals, birds, insects, people, wildlife, domestic pets buildings. Panoramic images are also accepted. Both landscape and portrait format/shape is acceptable.

Image of a mowan on a beach taken with a mobile phone.


Images must have been taken with a mobile phone. They may be on any subject.

We may look up EXIF data to prove the use of a mobile device. Editing within your phone or on an external device and the use of filters is permitted.

Close-up Selfie Image - A woman's face.


Use your phone, tablet or any camera. May be a photo you've shot of someone else or others taking a selfie of themselves or a selfie you've taken of, you guessed it, yourself! May be headshot/s and/or body shots. Nudes?

Please see Terms

Image of street scene - an alley.


Images may have been shot in urban areas such as cities, towns, suburbs, wastelands. They may include buildings, facades, cafes, bars, outlets etc. and may represent street life with or without people or animals. May also include interiors.

Image of buggy in the desert.


Images may be dynamic stills  live performance, sport, birds, animals, people or insects in motion. Moving traffic on land, sea or in the air. live events, Joggers,  dancers,  performers,  parkour, your own video or film action still images etc.

Black and white image of a figure standing.


Images must be black and white and/or shades of grey tone or 'Grayscale' with no colour whatsoever. Submit Sepia or otherwise toned images to other categories.

Image of a fashion model posing in a red dress.


Images must include clothing, accessories or jewelry etc. Mannequins or live models may be included. May include cat walks, fashion advertising and design & cosplay.

Image of skyscrapers


Images may include building/s or structure/s and may also include land, people or animals etc. Panoramic images are also accepted. May also include landscape architecture

Image of a round shaped brick wall.


Images may have effects added. May include photocollage, abstract, advertising, etc. and may include digital compositions provided a camera was used at some point in the overall process.

Still Life Image with honey and mandarin orange.


Images may include inanimate objects, food, furniture, interiors, exteriors etc. May include flowers, tools, books, fruit or tech. gear such as watches, cameras, phones, clocks, gadgets etc.

Cosplay image. A red-haired girl in costume.


Your Film Still may be an image taken on set or a still image taken from your film or video, provided you took the photo yourself or extracted it from one of your own film or video creations.

Image of a live band performing.


May be a birthday party, wedding, corporate event, gig, concert, gathering, festival, party, celebration, political event, conflict, special occasion, street parade, protest, work/school party, etc.


All submissions exhibited on

Each Category winner receives a 10 Image Portfolio. The Overall Winner [Best Photo] receives a 20 Image Portfolio, a Solo Show in China and of course The Still Award [Aluminium Placque].

If, as we were, you were appalled by the horrific treatment that led to the death of George Floyd, downloading and sharing this image to your social networks and web pages is just one way to voice your concern.
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