Photo Manipulation

When submitting photos online or to bricks and mortar galleries it helps to know what's allowed in terms of editing. For example, if it's  ok to remove a person or an object from an image or is tidying up a few dirt specs the limit. It depends of course on the conditions laid down by the submission platform, but what if all your photos are heavily manipulated, perhaps they're collages. Maybe you use graphics, overlays, tons of effects. At Still Awards we love these images and don't want to limit your potential or curb your enthusiasm so we've created our 'Altered' category for such submissions. Die hard traditionalists may not agree but manipulated, altered or staged images can be as powerful as any other. So don't hold back. It's all cool!.Go nuts and send us your quirky, abstract, deep, dark and comic creations. We look forward to seeing them. SUBMIT


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