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Lets start with BeFunky's Company Statement: 


'Our mission is to provide tools that are easy enough anyone can create beautiful photographs and professional-quality designs without any special skills or technical expertise.'


From our experience with online editors, that's a tall order. When we see free or low cost apps. use terms like 'Professionall-Quality', we tend to be wary.

So we decided to sign up and put it to the test. Does it live up to the hype? Well, in our humble opinion - Absolutely!

The BeFunky experience is flawless and quite beautiful. We wouldn't usually be so gushing in our praise straight off the bat, but we're excited and hooked too.

This really is an exceptional application. There are numerous alternatives, but nothing we've tested at this level of either free or fee paid editors comes close.


So what can it do?


The usual suspects like Crop, Resize, Retouch, etc. are obviously covered but important extras like Batch Editing, Collage Making and In App. access to Thousands of Free Stock Images, Vector Graphics and Icons are included, plus a very smart Cut-Out Tool for Erasing Backgrounds and a vast array of Gorgeous Effects with a Drag and Drop interface that doesn't rely on flash. The alignment and 'snap to grid' options work really well and you can easily turn them off for very fine positioning.

The Graphic Designer includes fantastic flexible templates and you can start from scratch too, save to your BeFunky account [with plus] or download to your computer in both jpg and png formats at various file sizes right up to extreme high quality. The ability to save high resolution images in png format is a great feature that's missing in many editors. You can also export Pdf's.


It's refreshing to find a photo editor with such advanced features and a user-friendly interface that works like a dream.

BeFunky does exactly what it says on the tin in both the free and 'Plus' offerings and if you sign up for their plus version,

at a very affordable price, you'll be pleasantly surprised, if not shocked at the possibilities.

We could only touch upon them here, so check out the video below and we stronly recommend you head on over to  BeFunky 

and give it a whirl.


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